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Know the Importance of Security Guard Tools to Protect You Like Stun Batons and Handheld Metal Detectors

We generally trust security guards to safeguard our properties, but aside from them they also take charge in securing our well-being and ultimately our lives. In taking these responsibilities, it is wise and fair that these security guards you will employ should have the proper tools for protection like handheld metal detectors and stun batons.

The handheld metal detectors are considered an absolute must have for some security personnel, and for this, we will discuss briefly its importance. If the responsibility of the Women On Guard is to screen people as they enter the premises, then without question the professional should have this handheld metal detector, although in other role, this may not be as useful as this scenario. The cost of handheld metal detectors are not expensive, in comparison to the role it takes in saving lives, plus the fact that no special training is required to use this tool, and this is very effective in detecting even the smallest amount of metal. Since these devices are designed to self-calibrate, you do not have to have mess on constant basis their sensitivity settings. Some security guards though still use the old fashioned body search at the entrance of the premise, but this alternative of the security scanners prove to be more time consuming, ineffective in detecting properly metals and others, plus the fact that it causes discomfort to both the person securing the property and the people being searched on. Learn more here:

A larger group of security guards possess the stun batons. Security professionals could get involve in physical encounter being the first line of defense in your establishment, thus stun batons will help them carry out their role. With the condition that these security guards are in, where they are to defend themselves and other innocent civilians, the least that the employers can do is to arm them properly in an effective, non-lethal, humane and legal way. Note that stun batons can incapacitate an attacker with its very powerful but non-lethal electricity current that can interrupt and disable an attacker’s neurological pathways, thus security guards can accomplish his or her job in protecting the innocent people and his or her own life. Furthermore, stun batons are devices that would not need for a person to take special training to operate it, and is a better alternative to a fist fight or firearms in a situation of an encounter.

Arming your security guards with these devices would mean a big thing between life and death for them and the people around. Discover more about the self-defense weapons at

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